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Bigger is NEVER better when it pertains to your cooling or heating equipment. An over-sized condensing unit or heat pump wastes energy, fails in removing humidity, wears out quicker, and basically leaves you without the comfort you deserve!

Are you experiencing frequent repairs, higher utilities, damp or musty conditions? Is that outdoor unit so noisy it’s embarrassing? It’s time to call Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll provide options in higher efficiency, air purification, and humidity management that will meet your needs and budget. Plus, we’ll ensure it’s the right size unit for your home or office. 

So when is the right time to replace that worn-out system? Trust EnergyStar with making that decision. Click HERE to see what they say.


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FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Ask Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning about our special financing options and rebate programs. As an Armstrong Air Comfort Specialist, we offer our clients excellent financing options with approved credit. Click HERE to see the latest financing options and coupons.

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We take VISA and MasterCard
armstrong air high-efficiency air conditioners
Air Conditioners - From 13 - 20 SEER

Armstrong Air Condensing Units

The condensing unit is the outdoor unit that most people refer to as their air conditioner. Armstrong Air manufactures the quietest and most reliable condensing units; keeping your family cool through the hottest southern Illinois summers. We’ll assist you with selecting the right size unit, with the efficiency you want at the right price!

Armstrong Air 4SCU20LX was rated by EnergyStar as MOST EFFICIENT IN 2020.

Do you want to take advantage of a utility rebate? We can ensure your system will meet or exceed their requirements and back it with an AHRI Certificate.

Up To $1,200 Rebates Available Now!

Click HERE to see your options with Armstrong Air Air Conditioning Units

Armstrong Air Heat Pumps

When it comes to Heat Pumps, Armstrong Air stands above the rest. Their heat pumps will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer and toasty in the winter. As with their air conditioning units, you can select from super-high efficient to minimum requirements. We’ll ensure your heat pump fits your needs at the right price!

Armstrong Air 4SHP20LX was rated by EnergyStar as MOST EFFICIENT IN 2020.

Do you want to take advantage of a utility rebate? We’ll ensure your system will meets their requirements and back it with an AHRI Certificate.

Up To $1,200 Rebates Available Now!

Click HERE to see your options with Armstrong Air Heat Pump Units.

armstrong air high efficiency heat pump
Heat Pumps - From 15- 20 SEER
Armstrong Air modulating high efficiency furnace
Armstrong Air High & Standard Efficiency Furnaces

Furnace Or Air Handler

Whether you choose an air conditioner or a heat pump, you may want to upgrade your indoor unit that circulates your air within your home or office. Your indoor system also functions as a dehumidifier during the humid Illinois summers with an indoor coil. It may be attached to your furnace or it’s part of your air handler.

You can trust Brown’s to help you select the right indoor unit for your complete your cooling and heating system. 

Up To $1,200 Rebates Available Now!

Armstrong Air Model A97MV earned EnergyStar’s MOST EFFICIENT IN 2020.

armstrong air air handler
Armstrong Air Air Handlers
Fujitsu ductless mini splits
Ductless Systems Quality For Utility Rebates

Have You Considered A Ductless System?

Are you looking to add an addition to your existing home?

Do you have a three-season space you’d love to enjoy year-around?

If so, you may want to consider the super-high efficient ductless systems installed by Brown’s. They will pay for themselves in lower utilities while you enjoy their extremely quiet functionality

Schedule a visit with Brown’s today at 618-322-7162. See if a ductless system is right for you!

Don’t forget about your controls!

A new programmable thermostat may be the best addition to your new cooling and heating system. Ask us about the many options you have: WiFi, 7-day programmable, or a simple non-programmable touchscreen.

While we’re there, ask how zoning will enhance your comfort throughout your whole home. When you flip a light switch on, do all the lights in your house come on? Of course not. If we have our lighting zoned, then why not our indoor comfort system? You may be surprised at how little of an investment it will be; especially when you save so much on utilities. And aren’t you worth that extra comfort it will provide? You’ve worked hard. You deserve it!

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armstrong air comfort sync thermostat
The Comfort Sync Thermostat
honeywell T4 thermostat
Honeywell T4
Premier One P6100 electrostatic filters

Are You Protecting Yours?

At Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning we take YOUR indoor air quality seriously. We offer the best solutions and products to keep you safe and healthy while protecting your biggest investment–your home!

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Don’t Neglect Your System Or Your Family’s Health!

ultra-violet germicidal lamp with odor control, kills viruses, kills bacteria, kills mold, VOCs
mold and mildew
How do you control mildew and mold in your home?
humidity control is important to our health
Did you know the average bed contains over 10 million dust mites?
flu virus
Do you have a strategy to eliminate viruses & bacteria from your living or working environment?
IAQ lungs for particulates
So what are you and your family breathing while at home?

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