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Duct Cleaning Services

Have you recently moved into a new home? Did the previous owners have pets? Do you suffer from pet allergies? Whether old or new, or you’ve just remodeled; let us keep you smiling with better air flow and cleaner ducts throughout your home. Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning duct cleaning is the right solution for your home or office.

BEWARE OF THE $19.99 SPECIAL! A complete duct cleaning is NEVER that cheap. It’s a ploy to get into your home and then jack the price way up for what is really needed. We’ll thoroughly inspect your duct system, give you a comprehensive evaluation with before and after photos, and pricing options that meet your budget.

What’s In Your Ductwork?

New construction workers throw everything down a supply register or return air vent. It’s their closest “trash can”. Over a period of time gravity pulls any airborne particulates down, settling in the ductwork when your blower stops: dust, pet dander, and other allergens which affect those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues.

From debris to pet dander; from rodent feces to dust mites, a child’s toy or pair of underwear, we’ve seen and found it all. Your ductwork needs to be thoroughly cleaned and restriction-free for the best air flow. This will ensure a healthy environment and allow your heating and cooling system to breathe like it should. That saves you money and provides the peace of mind you deserve!

Dirty Return air needs cleaned

Once Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning team has thoroughly cleaned your ductwork, ensure they keep clean with the right air filters and air purifiers. The right application will protect your equipment from harmful dust. Dust insults electrical components and clogs venting to your motors. Heat is the enemy to all electrical components. Dust also decreases the efficiency of your blower and your indoor coil. You can find more about this in our Indoor Air Quality section.

Great, reliable service and knowledgeable repair men. Response tme was quick also and new unit was up and running in a short amount of tme.

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