Heating Season Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil, rotating your tires, and replacing needs filters. Then why would you run your heating and cooling system all year long without a tune-up? All studies have concluded: maintaining your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air handler resulted in higher efficiency, fewer repairs, and extended the life of the equipment. 

Why A Brown’s Heating & Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

Years ago, the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service at Louisiana State University teamed up with Gulf States Power to identify what benefits, if any, were provided by an air conditioning tune-up. A series of homes were heavily instrumented, data was collected over time, tune-ups were performed, and data was collected again. The results of this landmark study were staggering. The researchers found that tune-ups saved energy and restored lost capacity. How much?

Average Monthly Savings From a Tune-Up……… $32.76

furance inspection

But do homeowners need a tune-up every year?

To answer that question, researchers repeated the study a year later, using the same homes from the prior year. They found that only 78% of the savings were present. In other words, one year of operation takes a toll on heating and cooling system. It may still function adequately, but not nearly as efficiently as it should.

Average Monthly Savings From a Tune-Up: After One Year Of Operation…………………………. $25.60

Granted, these studies were performed years ago. That does not lessen their validity. They continue to be referenced because no one has funded additional research into the residential market. If anything, the studies understate the savings potential from a tune-up. Adjusting for inflation, the monthly savings from the first study would be $60.59 today. The savings from a tune-up after one year of operation would be $45.39. In addition, today’s heating equipment with greater efficiency levels, are more likely to need maintenance, due to changes in heat exchanger design, draft inducers, hot surface igniters, and so on.

Performing annual maintenance on you furnace, air handler, or boiler will extend the efficiency and reliability of your heating system. Furnaces and boilers need more maintenance as they age. Let our trained technicians check your heating system and make sure that you are ready for the upcoming cold winter nights. 

See what EnergyStar says about maintaining your indoor comfort system. What About Maintenance? You’ll see we surpass what EnergyStar recommends!

Call Brown’s today to find out more about our Service Club Membership. Call 618-322-7162. We’ll provide you with 2 semi-annual maintenance visits, discount off repairs, priority service, free 1” filters and discounts on new installations. As a Club Member, Brown’s will call you to schedule your spring and fall visit. Noting for you to remember or worry about!

Don’t Neglect Your System!

It's time to think maintenance
It's time to think maintenance
Worn out belt from lack of maintenance
Electrical wires damaged by heat
Clogged PVC venting pipe on furnace
dirty furnace not happy

Let Gene and his team make your heating system happy and healthy again with their fall tune-up and safety inspection. They’ll perform or 30 inspection steps to ensure your furnace, boiler or heat pump is running at optimum efficiency, all electrical parts are free from wear and secure, plus inspect all safety switches and sensors. 

It will give you the peace of mind you deserve!

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