Humidity Control Is Important To Our Health

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Most people would not think that humidity control is important to our health. It’s one of those things that are not on the “front burner” of how ensure our homes are a healthy environment for our family. Humidity control isn’t thought about for improving our indoor comfort either. It’s sad that the heating and cooling industry have neglected to educate the public on the importance of humidity control.

So does it really play a role in your family’s health and well being?

The fact of the matter is—IT DOES! With that, the next question is “Where should our humidity level be in my home?”

Why Controlling High Humidity Is Important To Our Health

We know people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses have difficulty breathing in locales with high humidity.  We also know that high indoor humidity can increase common indoor air pollutants like dust mites, bacteria and viruses, and may also provide an environment conducive for mold growth. So why do we live with this problems? There are solutions. Call us and we’ll discuss the best indoor air quality product that is right for your home.

Trivia Question: What percentage of the populace is allergic to dust mites?

The Answer: Zero

It’s almost a trick question. People have an allergic reaction to a protein found it its feces and dead body parts. Another bit of dust mite trivia is that a typical bed will be the home to more than 10 million dust mites.

humidity control is important to our health
A whole-house dehumdiifer

Your air conditioning system is your best friend during our humid summers to remove excess humidity from your home. It is very important to ensure your system is running at optimum performance. Therefore, scheduling your yearly cooling system tune-up is very important. If you’re experiencing a damp basement in spring or fall, a dehumidifier will ensure a dryer and healthy environment. 

Why Controlling Low Humidity Is Important To Our Health

mold spores

Cold temperatures during the winter months are accompanied with low humidity that dries out our skin, contributes itchy eyes and may inflame mucous membrane lining in the respiratory system, which can lead to an increased risk of getting the flu, colds and other infections.

Certain viruses can survive longer in low humidity, which further increases the risk of contracting an infection. The current COVID-19 has been found to thrive and spread more easily in low-humidity environments

humidity control is important to our health

Low humidity causes evaporation from the skin, making you feel colder than you would in a home with higher humidity. Did you know your tears can evaporate; thus, affecting your eye health?

On a side note dry air also damages wood flooring, artwork, plaster, and antiques. Most of the things in our homes require a minimum percent of moisture to be healthy or stable. Have you noticed how your floors will creak more in the winter? Also, the static builds up in low humidity levels and can damage costly micro-electronics found in our TVs, stereos, laptops and appliances.

humidity control is important to our health
Installing A Humidifier Is The Best Solution For Winter

It is highly recommended to install a humidifier in your home. A correctly sized humidifier will combat low humidity environments prevalent to our winters. We offer several models and applications. So whether it’s a by-pass, power, or steam humidifier, adding humidity will benefit you and your home.  

Therefore, to ensure you’re getting the best benefits year round, we offer great indoor air quality package that include a humidifier.

Our Conclusion On Humidity Control

Most doctors would agree that a relative humidity level of 40%-60%. It’s amazing that humans are designed to function much better in that range while the biohazards we wish to avoid do not! It’s easy to see why humidity control IS important to our health.

An article by The Alternative Day states that, “Research has found that the majority of adverse health effects caused by relative humidity could be minimized by maintaining indoor levels that are between 40 and 60 percent.”

Humidity control is important to our health

The Asthma And Allergy Foundation For America is a great resource for combating asthma and allergies. Click on dust mite image to be directed to their website page on dust mites.


Are you ready to ensure your home’s relative humidity is in the “SAFE ZONE”?

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