Air Filtration

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Call us today for a free Indoor Air Quality Analysis. We’ll answer all your questions, go over family health concerns, space and placement limitations, and help you select the right filtration application the will protect your equipment from dust and debris while ensuring good IAQ for your family. We’ll do our best to give you everything you need and want within your budget. We provide financing options that may allow you to have everything you want.

You’ll have the peace of mind you can expect and deserve!

Here are three options we’d like to present to you. Give Us Call At 618-322-7162.

Filter Box Filters

Filter Box Filters can be  installed in many applications. They provide good filtration (from an 8-13  MERV rating) and airflow. Because of the 4″ pleated construction, they reduce static pressure found in the big box store 1″ pleated filters which may  cause more harm than good.

Electrostatic Filters

These filters can be installed in your original 1″ filter slot; providing 16 MERV equivalency filtration. When space doesn’t permit the Filter Box Cabinet, these filters work great! They come with a lifetime warranty on the electrical components and frame.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

HEPA filters are well known for the best filtration for your home. They’re capable of filtering out 99.97% of all particulates down to 0.03 microns. (A human hair is 70-100 microns wide) If you suffer from severe allergies or asthma, you may want to consider a HEPA filter system. 

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